Emulsion Fuel Oil Production


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Emulsion Fuel Oil Production

Emulsion fuel oil is being reevaluated in the energy field due to its effectiveness in reducing the impact of industry on the environment by inhibiting the creation of particulates (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).
New emulsion fuel oils, such as used cooking oil and monostromatic emulsion fuel oils, are also being developed, and mixing and dispersion play extremely important functions in the manufacturing processes of those emulsion fuel oils.
Due to their effectiveness at mixing, static mixers can continuously produce consistent emulsion fuels by dispersing and miniaturizing water into an oil phase.

Water and oil dispersion


  • The static mixer has no drive components, so it is maintenance-free.
  • The machine is compact.
  • Depending on the mixture, the volume of oil used can be reduced.
  • Consistent emulsion fuel oils can be produced continuously.
  • N10 Series
    N10 Series
  • T Series (small-caliber)
    T Series (small-caliber)

Examples of Use

  • Boilers of all kinds (hot air boilers, hot water boilers, steam boilers)
  • Heat-treatment furnaces, kilns and furnaces of all kinds
  • Diesel engines of all kinds (household generators, agricultural equipment, boats, etc.)
Examples of Use


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