Resin / Adhesives


Technical Support

Resin / Adhesives
Use Examples Recommended items
Mixing of two
component liquid resin
Base resin+Hardener T series(small size type)
N30 series(Sanitary finish type)
N33 series(Sanitary finish type)
Temperature uniformization Control of the viscosity of coating liquid STHE series(imultiple tubular heat exchanger for heating/cooling)
SMHED series(double tubular heat exchanger for heating/cooling)
Uniform heating of water Control of the temperature of coating liquid SME-V series(steam mixer for hot water production)
Coloring of
coating liquid/adhesive
Resin+colorant N60 series(removable element type)
N30 series(sanitary small type)
N33 series(sanitary finish type)
Single use Impossible to clean processes and site opperations DSP series(disposable mixer)

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