Yoghourt Preparation System


The Yogurt Preparation System creates homogeneous mixes of high-viscosity raw ingredients with small amounts of secondary ingredients. This system does away with heterogeneous mixes created using tank-batch systems.

Yoghourt Preparation System


  • No mixing tank is necessary, so the mixing can be done during transport to the filling machine.
  • The mixing ratio can be easily adjusted.
  • It uses special convex spacer elements for fruit pulp, eliminating the clogging of solid foods.
  • It improves the cleanliness of equipment following operation.


  • Pre-mixing of custard cream and whip cream.
  • Pre-mixing of plain yogurt with fruit juice and fruit pulp.
  • Making salad dressing
  • Pre-mixing of raw soybeans, liquid seasonings, and alcohol.
Sample Specifications
Processing capacity Yogurt: 2,000 kg/h
Fruit pulp: 220 kg/h
Utilities Electricity: 200V three-phase 8 kW
Dimensions and weight 2400L×1600W×1850H (mm)
Approx. 800 kg


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