Ceramic filter For Desktop Test


Achieve "easier", "smaller amount", "more accurate"!
The operating conditions can be adjusted arbitrarily by inverter control!
[Filtration] [Purification] [Concentration] [Separation] [Clarification] [Deturbation] [Sterilization] [Fraction]

Ceramic filter For Desktop Test


Compact and easy to move
Can be operated with a power supply of AC100V
Pump capacity: 0.3MPa G

  • Backwash unit
  • Sanitary specifications
  • High pressure specifications
  • SUS316 specifications


Research and Development / validation / small production

  • Applicability to purification / concentration / clarification processes, etc.
  • Verification of process improvement from distillation separation to membrane separation
  • Replacement verification from organic membrane filter
  • Validity evaluation for application development
  • Challenge to new product development
  • Small quantity production / sample production


Filtration method  Cross flow filtration system
Approximate dimensions  530L x 400W x 730H (mm)
Ceramic filter type 
<Membrane pore size type>
 NF: 10 (nm)
UF: 20/50/100 (nm)
Filter dimensions  L 250 x OD 10 x ID 7 (mm)
Filtration area 0.0055 (m2)
Wet contact material SUS304
Ancillary equipment  Rotary pump (inverter drive)
Tank with jacket
Backwash unit

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