Adhesive Temperature Adjusting System


The adjustment system applies heat up to a set temperature to homogenize adhesive chemicals using a SM multi tube heat exchanger.

Adhesive Temperature Adjusting System


  • By using an SM heat exchanger, efficient heating of high-viscosity adhesives is possible without requiring much installation space.
  • By using a static mixer installed at the heat exchanger output, temperature is stabilized and temperature accuracy improves.
  • The water heating unit is attached in an all-in-one design.
  • A steam or an electric heater can be selected as a heat source for heating water.
  • Adhesive fluid flow rate can be automatically controlled according to the fluid level signal from the sub-tank in front of the coater.
  • By using a temperature sensor at the static mixer output, the flow rate of hot water to the SM heat exchanger is controlled automatically, ensuring even greater adhesive temperature uniformity.
  • We can also build an all-season model that includes a chiller unit, and can feed adhesive at a uniform temperature all year round by heating the adhesive in winter and cooling it in summer. This model allows the application of an adhesive coating that is always the same thickness.

Sample Specifications

Processing capacity Adhesive: 300–1,350 kg/h
Temperature: 5–10°C (winter) → 25°C
Utilities Electricity: 200V three-phase
Hot water: 11,000 kg/h (30°C: winter)
Air: 0.49 MPaG
Dimensions and weight 3600L×1200W×2500H (mm)
Approx. 1,500 kg


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