Clean Oven


Technical Support

Clean oven capable of high temperature treatment. N2 atomosphare treatment is also available.

  • Clean Oven
  • Clean Oven
    Circuit board treatment


  • Heating up to 500°C is possible with uniform heating by hot air circulation.
  • Special HEPA filter which corresponds to high temperature ensures cleanlinesslevel of class 100.
  • Dry air and N2gas can be purged, meeting the requirement for achieving an oxygen density of 40ppm with high confidence.


Model   CLB-DB040404 CLB-DB060606 
Heating method   Forced hot air circulation (Down blow type)
Performance (Unloaded condition) Working temperature range 50~500℃
Clean level Class 100 at temperature stabilized stage/Class 500 at heating stage
Temperature distribution accuracy ±5.0℃(at500℃)
Time to reach max. temperature Time to reach max. temperature
Construction Inner wall Stainless steel SUS304 #400 finishing
Outer wall Cold rolled steel plate melamine resin baked finishing 
Heat Insulation material Ceramic board Glass wool Rock wool, etc. 
Heater Fin sheath heater (SUS)
Blower motor/fan Sirocco fan 
Differential manometer 0~500Pa
Filter High quality heat proof HEPA filter
Controller Temperature control method

PID control by micro computer from program controller 

Temperature setting method

Digital setting with ▲▼key

Temperature display method Digital display with Green LED
Timer 1minute ~ 99hour 59minutes or 100hour ~ 999hour
Timer resolution 1minute or 1hour steps
Other functions

«Automatic operation»

Operation start or stop corresponding to set time up

«Program operation»

Maximum16 segment program operation

 Heater control circuit SSR ON-OFF control
Safety functions     Temperature abnormality, excess temperature, heater abnormal heat up, Fan abnormality, Earth leakage breaker, Emergency stop

Temperature Profile Example

Temperature Profile Example


Model CLB-DB040404 CLB-DB060606
Standard Width×Depth×Height Width×Depth×Height
Inner dimension (mm) 400×400×400 600×600×600
Outer dimension (mm) 760×1425×1650 910×1450×2145
Inner volume (liter) 64 216
Power source (200V) / electric current (A) 3 phase / 12 KVA  3 phase / 22 KVA
Heater (kw) 9.0 18.0
Weight (approx. kg) 400 700


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