HMP(High-Magnetic Plate)


Model HMP (High-Magnetic Plate)

The Model HMP pours a thin layer of coolant across the magnetic surface, makes effective use of the magnetic force to attract chips, and then removes them with a scraper.


The machine is composed of three conveyor belts (for the dirty tank, magnet plate, and clean tank).
In the dirty tank, coarse chips undergo precipitation and are removed. The fine chips pass over a magnet plate installed in the upper portion of the tank and stick to the magnet, and then the overflow proceeds to the clean tank. Further precipitation and removal of chips occurs in the clean tank.
Because no filtration pump is needed, this machine is a low-energy coolant filtration system.

Automotive parts grinding process


Model Processing capacity (aqueous solutions) External machine dimensions (m) Weight
HMP-200 200 L/min 3L×1.4W×1.9H 2t
HMP-500 500 L/min 4.5L×1.6W×2.3H 2.5t
HMP-800 800 L/min 5L×2.2W×2.5H 4t
HM-1000 1000 L/min 5.5L×2.8W×3H 5.5t

*Please contact a sales representative for future details about processing machines that handle 1,000 L/min or more.


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