Desk Top Kiln


Technical Support

For test of new products, production of small sized parts, and condition check of scale-up!

Desk Top Kiln

Compact Design

Achieved compact design for small products by using RHK features. It made possible to attain 1400°C heat curve in a 1200mm-length kiln.

Suited for Scale-up

With this unit used for research and development as well as pilot level production, it will make scaling up to mass production using the same model much easier.

Solution for Flexible Manufacturing System

Even if you have multiple product lines, this unit provides smooth transitions between products and high efficiency production.

High Airtight Atmosphere

Dramatically improved airtightness has made various atmosphere control and switching available.

Basic specification
  Air type  Atmosphere type
Max. temperature 1400℃ 
Temperature precision ±2℃  
Zone length 150mm
Zones 12 8
Effective dimension 150W×50H(mm)
Kiln lengths 1200mm 1800mm
Roller materials Mullite / Alumina
Heater material SiC


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