In-line Starch Saccharification System


The inline system adds an enzyme solution to rice bran, rice flour, and starch, and carries out fully automated continuous saccharification.

In-line Starch Saccharification System


  • Because it can perform continuous saccharification at a uniform temperature, it is ideal for the first stage of alcohol production processes.
  • Stable saccharification from low to high concentrations is possible regardless of the starch type.
  • It uses a simple heating system (a Noritake cooker) that is compact and requires minimal installation space.


  • The first-stage for alcohol production
  • Melting white sauce for frozen foods
Sample Specifications
Processing capacity Starch slurry: 780 kg/h
Starch slurry concentration: 36%
Heating temperature: 75°C
Utilities Steam: 175 kg/h (0.7 MPaG)
Electricity: 200V three-phase 20 kW
Dimensions and weight 6000L×2000W×5000H (mm)
Approx. 3,700 kg


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