Coating Liquid Precision Temperature (viscosity) Adjusting System


The system allows you to rapidly apply accurate heating and cooling to fluids for which heat management is important, using a highly efficient SM heat exchanger.

Coating Liquid Precision Temperature (viscosity) Adjusting System


  • The system measures the original temperature of liquid coatings and automatically determines heating, cooling, and temperature maintenance according to the difference from the set temperature. The temperature of the heating medium (or coolant) is also automatically regulated. (Using a static mixer, the heating medium [hot water] is directly heated using steam, and the coolant is mixed with chiller water.)
  • The increased viscosity of the coating liquid due to the reduction in the solvent amount is cancelled out by the decrease in viscosity due to heating, and therefore the quality of coated products can be maintained while reducing the amount of solvent used.
  • It improves the work environment through reduced solvent usage, and can reduce the environmental impact of post-process drying machines.
  • It ensures consistent viscosity by its ability to maintain stable coating liquid temperatures all year long (operating within ±1°C margins), thus making consistent coat thicknesses possible.
Sample Specifications
Processing capacity Coating liquid processing rate: 28L/min
Viscosity: 500 cP
Original temperature: 10 - 40°C
Regulated temperature: 30 - 45°C
Utilities Air: 0.49 MPaG
Steam: 0.2 MPaG
Chiller water: 10°C
Electricity: 200V three-phase 20 kW
Dimensions and weight 2200L×1500W×2200H (mm)
Approx. 1,000 kg


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