Fully Automatic Powder Processing System


Technical Support

With power firing systems, Noritake can offer various support systems that can help improving your process.

We have non-contaminant instruments and systems such as powder feeders, collection units,transfer equipment and others that match the unique characteristics of the powder material.

This complete system can provide efficiency, stability, and precise quality control.

Fully Automatic Powder Processing System
Fully Automatic Powder Processing System
サヤ割れ検査装置 矢印 回収装置 矢印 解砕装置 矢印 

Sagger Tester

After the firing process the sagger tester catches cracked sagger using sensors to prevent potential problems.


Recovery Machine

The recovery machine overturns the sagger into closed containers to collect the powder material.



The Crusher crushes the powder material to the proper condition using units such as roll crushers, jaw crushers and other units.

 サヤ清掃装置  矢印  供給装置  矢印   均し装置  

Sagger Cleaner

Using brushes, the sagger cleaner absorbs powder materials that are attached around the sagger.



The feeder supplies powder material according to the characteristics of the powder. Options include vibration and screw method.


Leveling Machine

The surface of the sagger is quickly and evenly smoothed with the leveling machine.



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