Mixing Volatile Oils or Light Oils with Bio-Fuels


Technical Support

We recommend the use of a line mixer to ensure quality at facilities where volatile oils or light oils are mixed with bio-fuels.
Noritake’s static mixer, that is a leading line mixer in the industry, offers the following advantages when used for mixing systems and is ideal for use with bio-fuels. We handle a wide variety of models with both small and wide calibers, and we can design and produce models to handle the volume you request.


  • Our static mixers effectively allow you to achieve uniform mixes of bio-fuel with volatile oils or light oils.
  • Because our static mixer performs the mixing in an enclosed space (inside the transport tubes), changes in the properties of the mixture due to volatilization or moisture contamination are avoided.
  • It’s easy to set and adjust the mixture ratio. 
  • N16-Series (wide-caliber)
  • T-Series (small-caliber)

Examples of Use

  • Mixing gasoline and bio-ethanol (E3 gasoline production)
  • Mixing light oil and BDF (linoleic acid methyl ester)

We also make and sell two-fluid mixing machines equipped with flow meters and fixed-quantity pumps.

  • Examples of Use
  • Examples of Use


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