Drum Filter


Drum Filter

The Drum Filter is a coolant filtration system that uses a rotating drum-shaped filter mesh to remove particles about 60 μm in size from a liquid coolant. Neither the particle substance nor coolant fluidity can be chosen. Continuous operation for extended periods of time without interruption is possible.


The machine performs an in-tank primary sedimentation treatment on a coolant fluid flowing into the dirty tank. Coolant is forced through the surface of a rotating drum filter immersed in the dirty tank by a differential depth pressure and flows into the clean tank to be fed to the processing machine. A conveyor belt is installed in the dirty tank, and sedimented particles are regularly discharged.

Aluminum grinding automotive parts


Model Processing rate (#90)
(water-soluble )
Drum diameter External dimensions Fully automatic
HDC3-1 300 L/min φ300mm 1450 300 1100 300kg
HDC3-2 700 L/min φ300mm 1850 350 1150 360kg
HDC3-3 1000 L/min φ300mm 2250 350 1150 420kg
HDC4-1 500 L/min φ400mm 1650 300 1150 340kg
HDC4-2 1000 L/min φ400mm 2100 350 1150 420kg

1Please contact a sales representative for future details about processing machines that handle 1,000 L/min or more.

*The processing rate will differ when using a #60 or #110 filter mesh.

Filter mesh chart

Filter mesh Filtration precision Applications
#60 (250-μm holes) Up to 100 μm General grinding processes
#90 (160-μm holes) 80 – 100 μm In cases where processing precision is required or multiple materials are to be processed
#110 (135-μm holes) Up to 60 μm Gun drills, gun reamers