Coating Liquid Continuous Mixing System


The system continuously mixes two or more raw ingredients for resin.
This new system replaces tradition batch systems which use a tank for mixing.

Coating Liquid Continuous Mixing System


  • Productivity is greatly improved by going from a batch system to a continuous system.
  • Products no longer have to be produced in separate batches, which enables better quality, the elimination of air bubbles, and consistent product supply.
  • Because it’s an inline process, you can significantly improve the work environment.
  • The system monitors the balance between coating liquid production volume and consumption volume using an electronic balance, and automatically controls coating liquid production speed. It also prevents inconsistent mixture ratios in spite of adjustments to the production speed.
  • It is equipped with an automatic cleaning mode, and cleaning can be performed by pushing just one button.


  • Film coating liquid mixing
  • Mixing epoxy and acrylic resins
  • Mixing liquid ingredients for urethane
Sample Specifications
Processing Capacity Main additive: 41.3 - 124.0 g/min
Curing agent (1): 7.02 - 21.07 g/min
Curing agent (2): 1.65 - 4.96 g/min
Utilities Electricity: 200 V three-phase
Air: 0.49 MpaG
Dimensions and Weight 1700L×1085W×2000H (mm)
Approx. 800 kg


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