Far-infrared Clean Conveyer Furnace


Technical Support

Far-infrared Clean Conveyer Furnace
Working temperature R.T.~400°C
Temperature precision ±5°C
Atmosphere Air, N2
Heat source Electricity
Clean level Class 100
Heating method Far infrared heater + Hot air

High-speed/High-precision Heating

With the hybrid of far-infrared heating and hot-air, it can uniformly heat at high speed.

Clean Atmosphere Heating

Special processing on the surface of a heater maintains the inside of a furnace at pure atmosphere.

*Multi-stack System correspondence
It can mass-produce by two to three steps of heating furnaces, or an exclusive lifter.


  • LCD, PDP, OLED, FED glass substrate:Moisture drying after claning, various paste drying
  • Drying/firing of printed ceramic substrates


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