Color Liquid Continuation Supply System


The supply system uses an automated variable control system, and features a wide range of capabilities that enable rapid tracking of fluctuations in a flow rate setting.

Color Liquid Continuation Supply System


  • Three cardboard dye colors (black, red, and yellow) are mixed in preset volumes and fed to the machine chest.
  • Each dye has a backup pump, so that if a pump malfunctions, it can be replaced while the machine remains in operation.
  • If set up in series with a color meter and CCM system installed on the paper-making machine, the flow rate can be automatically controlled (via remote operation).
  • Highly concentrated dye can be reliably regulated even at low flow rates through a pipe design that minimizes air pockets and contact with air.
Sample Specifications
Processing capacity Black: 25 - 240 cc/min
Red: 25 - 240 cc/min
Yellow: 220 - 640 cc/min
Utilities Air: 0.49 MPaG, 50 NL/min
Electricity: 200 V three-phase 0.8 kW
Dimensions and weight 1400L×950W×1800H (mm)
Approx. 800 kg