Highly Accurate Temperature Distribution type LF-HA2 series


Technical Support

Continuous conveyer furnace with far infrared heater and large volume hot air circulation. Capable of efficient and accurate heating.

Heating method: Far infrared heater and propeller type hot air circulation system

Working temperature: 40~230°C

Temperature accuracy: ±2.0°C (at230°C)

Clean level: Class10000

Highly Accurate Temperature Distribution type LF-HA2 series


Model LF-HA2-154, LF-HA2-307
Heating method Far infrared heater and propeller type hot air circulation system
Performance Working temperature 40~230°C
Temperature distribution accuracy ±2.0°C (at230°C)
Stabilizing time for furnace inside Approx. 20min
Clean level Class 10000
Construction Inner wall Stainless steel SUS304
Outer wall Firing finish on mild steel
Insulation material Glass wool
Far infrared heater Far infrared ceramic heater (PLC-322)
Hot air heater Fin sheath heater (SUS)
Circulation fan/Exhaust fan 0.2kw Induction motor 0.1‚kW Turbo fan
Conveyer Teflon mesh belt Glass fiber +Teflon coating
Conveyer motor 60W induction motor with speed controller
Controller Temperature control PID control with microcomputer in the temperature controller
Temperature setting/display method Digital setting ▲▼ Red LED digital display
Conveyer speed control Speed control pack
Conveyer speed setting / display method Digital setting by key ▲▼ Red LED digital display
Propeller fan control method Inverter control
Other functions Automatic start up and shut off
Heater control circuit SSR zero cross
Safety device Temperature abnormality , Earth leakage breaker, Conveyer abnormality, Fan abnormality, Emergency stop (on the operation panel)
Options Input-output terminal, Communication adapter, Recorder (6points), Watt-hour-meter, 100V plug socket, Inlet/outlet emergency stop switch, Electrostatic absorption unit, Cooling unit, Flow interruption sensor, Area sensor, Disconnection alarm, Excess temperature meter, Door abnormality,Touch panel control, Stainless mesh belt

Dimension / Utilities

Model LF-HA2-154 LF-HA2-307
Standard Length×Width×Height Length×Width×Height
Furnace casing dimension (mm) 1500×850×1985 3000×1150×1985
Outer dimension (mm) 2500×850×1985 4000×1150×1985
Belt width (mm) 400 (Effective width 350mm) 700 (Effective width 650mm)
Pass line (mm) 1150±25 1150±25
Power source (200V) / Electric current (A) 3 phase / 100A 3 phase / 200A
Far infrared heater (kw) / division 14.4 / 6 zone 43.2 / 6 zone
Hot air heater (kw) 7.2 / 2 zone 10.8 / 3 zone
Weight (approx. kg) 1000 2000


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