Technical Support

Use Examples Recommended items
Production of
emulsion fuels
Adjustment of S-component in heavy oil N10 series(fixed element type)
N16 series(large size type)
Deoxidation of
the organic aqueous solition
Alkali stock solution + nitrogen gas N60 series(removable element type)
Polymer bulk polymerization Continuation polymerization vessel of the PS STHE series(Flash preheater)
Noritake reactor
Slurry heating Slurry heating after ABS salting-out NST series(Cooker for heating raw materials)
Ammonium sulfate production Sulfuric acid +Ammonium gas SMD series(Dispersion mixer/ Gas liquid/ liquid liquid disperser)
WEM series(Water jet mixer/ Gas liquid/ liquid liquid absorber)
Polymer homogenization Extrusion/Injection molding TM series(thermo mixer/ used for films)
PM series(polymer mixing nozzle/for molds)
Production of hot water
for reaction tank
Uniform heating of water for hot mediums SME-V series(Steam mixer for hot water production)


Introduction to engineering equipments