Ceramic filter For Waste oil / Waste liquid recycling


Technical Support

Regenerate oil and coolant containing a lot of sludge! It removes fine sludge, carbon, etc. and separates oil and water at the same time.
[Reduction of industrial waste costs New liquid] [Reduction of new oil purchase costs] [Reduction of environmental load]

Ceramic filter For Waste oil / Waste liquid recycling


High-precision filtration and oil-water separation

Uses a ceramic filter with a filtration accuracy of 0.1 μm. It completely removes fine particles such as carbon, and can also separate oil and water.

Long-term stable filtration

By using the cross-flow filtration method, clogging of the filter is minimized and stable filtration and operation for a long period of time is realized.

Stable layer operability

There is no opening or damage to the filter while the line is in operation, making operation management easier.

Filter regeneration (no consumables)

Ceramic filter elements made of high-purity alumina can be regenerated after long-term use by chemical cleaning and heat treatment.

Main application

  • Regeneration of water-soluble coolant in automobile factories Regeneration of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil
  • Bearing factory Super finishing oil regeneration
  • Regeneration of cleaning liquids at various machining factories Regeneration of hardened water


Filtration method Cross flow
Approximate dimensions (mm) 690L x 500W x 1540H
Power supply AC200V 3-phase 60Hz
Filter used MBX4-1020-0.1
Membrane diameter (μm) 0.1
Membrane area (m2) 0.24 0.24
Wet contact material SUS304 (inner and outer surface pickling)

※The amount to be processed varies greatly depending on the properties of the filtrate, so confirmation is required.


Target liquid: Oil-based coolant liquid (used in honing)

Analysis items Before filtration  After filtration
SS concentration (mg / l) 810  Tr
Moisture (vol%) 0.5  Tr
Viscosity (cst) at 40 ℃ 10.5 10.5
Specific gravity (-) 0.89 0.89


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