In-line Powder Dissolution System "SSD Series"


The In-line Powder Dissolution system performs continuous admixture dissolution of powder liquids using a powder dissolution pump (super-shock dissolver).

In-line Powder Dissolution System "SSD Series"


  • Dispersion and dissolution is possible from a freight conveyor directly to a circle feeder thereby eliminating the scatter of fine particulate matter and improving the work environment.
  • The slurry concentration for any flow rate can be controlled.
  • Because of the dissolution pump’s high shearing power, no clumps form.
  • With continuous dissolution, no dissolution tank is necessary, permitting a space-saving design.


  • Dispersal of filter aids (kaolin, kieselguhr, or activated charcoal) for vegetable oil
  • Producing rice flour slurries for beverage alcohol
  • Highly concentrated solutions of granular substances for silica coatings in papermaking
  • Dispersal and dissolution of other powders: cornstarch, wheat flour, slaked lime, coagulants, calcium carbonate, metal powder, and more
Sample Specifications
Processing capacity Liquid flow rate: up to 3,000 kg/h
Powder flow rate: up to 150 kg/h
Utilities Electricity: 200 V three-phase 50 A
Compressed air: 0.5 MPaG
Dimensions and weight 1800L×800W×2300H (mm)
Approx. 800 kg

Note: for further details, please refer to the separate catalog.