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Basic Functions


The mixing process includes dilution, neutralization, division, extraction and so on.

The static mixer, through the three mixing principles of division, conversion and inversion, can be conformed to the various mixing processes.

Compared to a conventional Batch System, it is superior in reproducibility, precision and consistent mixing.

Also, the static mixer is inexpensive to maintain, energy efficient and space efficient.

We carry a wide variety of models to meet all types of needs.

Use Examples Recommended items
Mixing of liquid liquid ●Mutual solubility of two liquids ( Good )
●Mutual solubility of two liquids ( Bad )
●Dilution, Neutralization, Compounding
●Dispersion, Extraction, Emulsification,
●Addition/ pH adjustment
●Alkali cleaning
●Super critical liquid extraction
N10 series(Fixed Element type)
N60 series (Removable element type)
N16 series (Large diameter type)
C series(Small diameter type)
T series(Small diameter type)
N30 series (Sanitary small diameter type)
N26 series ((Polished finish type)
CSM series (Ceramic type)
N50 series(PVC type)
FSM series (FRP type)
WSM series (FRP type)
Anti Corrosive N60 series(Fluoride resin type, rubber lining type,PVC lining/FRP type, anti corrosive metallic type)
G series(Small diameter clean type)
MX series (All teflon type)
Mixing of liquid gas ●Drainage pH adjustment
●Deoxidation of organic liquid
Mixing of the gas gas ●Adjusting of atmosphere gas
●Gaseous fuel adjusting
●By-product gas recycling
●Denitrification of flue gas
●Temperature homogenization of high temperature gas

For testing

●Visual observation of the fluid mixture
●Test by the small lots
N40 series(For testing)
C series (Small diameter type)
T series(Small diameter type)
Single use ●Processes which are impossible to clean
●On the spot operation
DSP series (Disposable type)

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